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1  Offices / CWF General Managers Office / Re: GM Phoenix's Office on: September 28, 2008, 03:30:38 pm
*Just as everyone is talking John Adelsberger walks in*

John:omg the candian fagget is here again. Hey billy and pheonix how are u today. anyways Christian learn to wrestle i gurantee a 5 year old could beat you. Anyways i want in on this match just so i can cause them both pain.
2  XWF Information / XWF Power 10 / Week 1 Power 10 for CWF on: September 19, 2008, 07:56:30 pm
I will place this on Sunday
3  RolePlays / In the Ring Roleplays / Something to SAy! on: September 18, 2008, 09:41:09 pm
*AS CWF comes back from a commercial break. The lights go out a light at 450 degrees angles at the top of the entrance ramp as i'm so sick blasts over the PA.On the PA it comes across....The St.louis machine John Adelsberger is here*

*the crowd cheers in excitement but then it goes so silent tht even a mouse coudn't be heard until What ever u like by "T.I" hits the P.A and in tht intance the st.louis machine pops up from behind the curtain as the crowd goes wild he has a hood over his head,as he flips it off he reveals he reveals his face. It shows short hair,dirty blonde is the color,wearing a st.louis machine shirt and on the back it says "i am the St.louis Destroyer" as he reaches the begging of the ramp he takes a orton pose as gold glitter falls from the ramp. Then pyro shoots out everywhere. As John looks at the crowd he goes down to the middle ramp and gives one kid the St.louis machine hoodie he took off. Then he slaps all the fans hands some boo him and some cheer. John then pauses and grabs a microphone.*

John: Weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-two pounds I am "the St.louis Machine" John Adelsberger and i am from St.louis,Mossouri and it's great to be here tonight *john then makes his way into the ring officialy and slides in as he looks around and begins to talk again*

John: Now im a man of many words and some of not so many words. My partner made some insults tonight directed toward are oppents and i apoligise to both of them. As you know I am the newest member of this roster and i already have been assigned to tagteam title championship match. That's just a sip of my greatness. I can sence that i have some competition in the CWF just don't know who im walking outta here with some gold around my waist. Weather or not i win or lose. The new thing about me ima be so brutal to my oppenents. Im going to leave people in the dust. If u stab me in the back i want revenge.

*john looks around as he takes a break*

John: Now my partner in High Energy CJ he has talent but he dosen't give it his all. I tell him all the time to. Now I have dealed with rookies before but i don't know much about these two in fact i don't know there names.... Anyways tonight people it will be bloody and it will end gruesome.....Take the children outta the room tonight during my match Ima lay the tacks down and shorten careers.

*CWF goes to a commercial break as John waits for someone to come out*
4  Welcome To XWF / Sign a contract with the XWF / John"st.louis Machine" adelsberger on: September 17, 2008, 10:34:07 pm
X what applies:
  • CWF []WWE:RAW []WWE:Smack down []ECW []TNA
Wrestlers Name:John"St.louis Machine"Adelsberger
*Who Wrestler Looks Like: Randy Orton
*Link to Image of who wrestler looks like:u know randy orton
*Wrestlers Age:21
*Wrestlers Hometown:St.louis,Moussouri
*Wrestlers Birthday:4/20/1987
*Wrestlers Type []Heel
  • Face []Neutral
*Wrestlers Basic Moves:
1.Drop kick
2.power bomb
3.emerald fusion
4.ankle lock
5.clothes line
6.closing the deal-super kick
8.tornado ddt
*Wrestlers Signature Move(s)
*Describe Signature Move(s)
1.THe rko from randy orton
2.John and his oppent stand on the turn buckle back wards as john delivers a crushing RKO=JKO
*Wrestlers Finishing Move(s)
1.STL destroyer
2.heavens wings
*Describe Finisher Move(s)
1.the canadian detroyer
2.angel wings
*Wrestlers Attire:
JUst like rey mysterio
*Wrestlers Entrance Music:"I . AM" dale oliver
*Wrestlers Entrance:like randy orton

*As Stoner and James wait in the ring for another person to come out Wipe me down plays as the lights completly shut off and a single spot lite shines on James as Fans cheer and it goes off then to Stoner and the fans get even louder then back to James as fans get quiter.As it goes back to Stoner and they erupt as it goes through the crowd and into a section whyere fans are shaking and moving all around and John Adelsberger is just standing there with a big smile on his face smiling  as he starts to talk to James .J*

John:Well well well San Juan, Puerto Rico what's up I mean wow what a great audience in attendance and for all you turning in at home I must apoligise for James.J Lil dumb ass act hell I almost left the building how bad it was.Now I'm not here to play slap and tickle with you James.J im here to kick your ass.Now Stoner that title of yours you hold it well and I know we been good friends ever sence I came here and I really have to congrate you on your win.*fans cheer*Now James you don't deserve this I mean come on I should be in that world title match I got knocked out at the last winning second against greenbean but I'm not hear for the past im here for the present and future James all I hear you talking about is are SCW days hell the reason SCW is gone is because of DCG you guys brought it down.I mean I didn't even like that group and you really don't remember what happen in SCW do you I did join you guys but then you guys screwed me and I left SCW into BCW where I begun my huge carrer and you wanna talk about being beat I am a 16 time world tagteam champion I have done it from panjaba prison matches to **** matches to barbwire matches to any match basically and you say that ur the best.Well then how come you don't have a title around your waist that you didn't need baine to help you win them.Now just wait a second Lillianintroduce me.

lillian:Now making his way to the ring the 3rd competitor for this 30min **** match weighing in at 166 pounds and from St. Louis, Missouri John Adelsberger St.louis Machine.

*As you see John making his way down to the ring slapping all the hands he can as he just keeps looking at James.J.As he reaches the barricade he jumps it and pulls a beer out of his pocket and starts to drink it as he pulls another one out of his pocket and throwes it to Stoner and laughs as stoner drinks it and makes a sour face and laughs in a weird way.As John drinks one more beer before getting in the ring.*

Jerry Lawyer:How many beers does that guy drink a night I mean come on.

Jim Ross:I mean wow thts what 3 beers and he even gave stoner one.

Jerry Lawyer:Hey John is a nice guy
* as john gets in the ring he sets up his chair in the top right corner to where his oppents can't touch him and jumps up on the chair and goes to the turnbuckle as he does the legendkiller pose pyro rain starts to fall as he looks behind him right at James.J as the pyro stops*

John:Now James you say rookies dont matter well hey you right and then again wrong they may not have enough skill but they can still whoop alot of ass I should know I have rookies beat me in there first match lesson number one.Don't put anyout till there out.Now for you stoner I would like to thank you for telling this piece of **** over here to shut up*stoner nods his head*and Stoner all I got to say is that tonight I will make sure one of us walk out with that title.Hell personally I don't think this match should even happen I mean come on you just got this belt I got to ask you are you afraid at all this is **** this is mine I am Mr.**** and James.J for you to know if you even pin stoner the match ain't even over this goes for thirty min and Stoner you said your not gonna treat anyone diffrently in this match I agree right on Bro. I mean your the champ and im gonna give you ur own personall hell even though we may be friends I told you if we ever go against each other then we will give the fans a match they will never forget in there lives.I would like to extend my hand to make this the best match ever in UWE history* John extends his hand as Stoner spins his neck and popping it in the process, he looks around at the crowd as they cheer as he shakes his hand as stoner and john pull each other as they look each other in the eyes as John drops the hand and shakes his head up and down as he glances over at James.J who is standing there quitely.*

Jim Ross:Wow what sportmanship great competive nature I mean you don't see a champ shaking hands with a challenger everyday you know

Jerry Lawyer:This still means that Stoner is gonna beat Johns ass John is a charity case in my oppinion I mean when he got his #1 contender world title shot 3 months ago he didn't earn it and that's getting free passes and now he gets a free chance at the **** title.It's pathetic.

Jim Ross:How can you say that I mean John has been with UWE for a long time and he is one of the best i mean he has proven it numerous times.

John:Then we have you James once again you said if anyone has the balls to coem out here and say something well look we do.I mean who would be afraid of you Mr.DCG I want you to know something your tagteam titles I want and im gonna get them one way or another.Infact you say your so great how about we have a one on one match for your tagteam titles if your that good.Now I see everyone is talking about everyone so let me take my turn

-Stoner....A man I look up to I may be wrestling longer but he's a idol of mine I see a big future for him.He has beaten so many people here and should be a serious competitor for  the UWE world title and I have teamed with him one time and we dominated and it was against Willy I belive and he's a great guy.

-James....A loud ass punk old partner of mine as you all know already he's said it 40 times already I mean come on think of something else now first you say willy is a rookie who stinks blah blah blah...Now you say he's really good with great moves.... listen James im gonna break you like I break in bearings on roller skates.Now James I want you to say something now or someone else

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