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Week 1 Results

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Author Topic: Week 1 Results  (Read 69 times)
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« on: September 22, 2008, 09:47:35 am »

The crowd at the Reliant Stadium screams with approval as The Xtreme Wrestling Federations Theme music roars over the PA system, Riot by Three Days Grace.  The camera pans the crowd for a while showing the excited masses waiting for the first ever XWF Show CWF:Madness.  The opening pyrotechnics go off, sending blue and  white sparks flying everywhere.  The arena watches in amazement as the flames hit the ceiling and then drops back down to the floor.  Smoke starts to billow out from behind the curtains as the entrance ramp lights up.  The cameras cut to the announce team of Vincent Frances and Ken Toole.

Vincent:  Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever CWF:MADNESS show.

Ken:  That’s right people welcome!  it’s a good thing this arena has a retractable roof because it would be coming down tonight Vince.

Vincent:   I couldn’t have said it any better myself Ken, we have an action packed show for ya tonight.

Ken:   That’s right,  I heard a rumor about a Title match tonight!

Vincent:   You know what Ken I bet your one of those guys who believe everything they hear huh.  Anyways it doesn’t matter.  Here we go people. 

I PUT ON….. I PUT ON….  

Ken:   Its finally time, I believe that is the XWFs Presidents music but I wouldnt swear to it.

dn’t swear to it.
 I don’t think your old enough to swear Ken.  What the hell is that?  Is that a helicopter above the arena?

Sure enough, Young Jeezy’s “I Put On” begins to play, and the faint sound of a helicopter is heard from above.  The crowd looks up and sees a military style helicopter hovering above the arenas open roof.  Something can be seen getting lowered into the arena.  Wait it’s a person rappelling from the helicopter.  it’s the XWF President MR. E!  He lands in the middle of the ring and unhooks himself and the helicopter flies away.  With a cocky swagger and a big smile, MR. E retrieves a microphone from Katie Gibson, the ring announcer.  The crowd salutes and cheers their Hometown hero as MR. E salutes them back.  Posing in the middle of the ring for the crowd, who eats it up, MR. E urges the crowd to settle down.

MR. E - Hello fans, and welcome to the XWF’s  first ever show, CWF: MADNESS!!!

The crowd goes wild and the screams are sure to be heard from miles away.

MR. E - Now I know most of you know me as the War Hero that served his time in Iraq, but I‘m here tonight to kickoff the most exciting Wrestling Federation known to mankind!!  THE XWF!!!
The crowd once again erupts in cheering, but are still waiting for the show to officially kick off.

MR. E - Okay, lets get straight to business, ARE YA READY FOR SOME MADNESS?

The crowd screams, “YES!”

MR. E - I can’t hear you…

A louder “yes” greets MR. E’s apprehensive ears, and he smiles.  Holding the mic up to his mouth, he shouts the words everyone’s been waiting on…


The arena rocks with anticipation as “I Put On’ kicks in again, pyro fills up the arena again, and MR. E climbs out of the ring.  Proud, MR. E hands the mic back to Katie Gibson, and walks up the ramp.

Ken:  There you have it people, MR. E Has spoken.  Lets get this thing going.

  I cant wait to see our fighters go at it tonight!

Ken:   After the break you’ll see the first match of the night:  Tommy “Gunnz” Oliver taking on Alex Blade.  Stay Tuned.
Commercial Break
Tommy “Gunnz” Oliver vs. Alex Blade
Winner: Alex Blade
Commercial Break
AS CWF comes back from a commercial break. The lights go out a light at 450 degrees angles at the top of the entrance ramp as I'm so sick blasts over the PA.  On the PA it comes across....The St. Louis machine John Adelsberger is here*

The crowd cheers in excitement but then it goes so silent that even a mouse couldn't be heard until What ever u like by "T.I" hits the P.A and in that instance the St. Louis machine pops up from behind the curtain as the crowd goes wild he has a hood over his head, as he flips it off he reveals he reveals his face. It shows short hair, dirty blond is the color, wearing a St. Louis machine shirt and on the back it says "I am the St. Louis Destroyer" as he reaches the begging of the ramp he takes a Orton pose as gold glitter falls from the ramp. Then pyro shoots out everywhere. As John looks at the crowd he goes down to the middle ramp and gives one kid the St. Louis machine hoodie he took off. Then he slaps all the fans hands some boo him and some cheer. John then pauses and grabs a microphone.*

John:  Weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-two pounds I am "the St. Louis Machine" John Adelsberger and i am from St. Louis, Missouri and it's great to be here tonight
John then makes his way into the ring officially and slides in as he looks around and begins to talk again

John:  Now I'm a man of many words and some of not so many words. My partner made some insults tonight directed toward are opponents and i apologize to both of them. As you know I am the newest member of this roster and i already have been assigned to tag team title championship match. That's just a sip of my greatness. I can sense that i have some competition in the CWF just don't know who I'm walking outta here with some gold around my waist. Weather or not I win or lose. The new thing about me ima be so brutal to my opponents. I'm going to leave people in the dust. If u stab me in the back i want revenge.

John looks around as he takes a break

John:   Now my partner in High Energy, CJ, he has talent but he doesn't give it his all. I tell him all the time to. Now I have dealed with rookies before but i don't know much about these two in fact i don't know there names.... Anyways tonight people it will be bloody and it will end gruesome.....Take the children outta the room tonight during my match Ima lay the tacks down and shorten careers.

John’s theme music hits over the P.A and he steps out of the ring and heads backstage.

Vincent:  Well there you have it folks, A man with a mission.

Ken:  And his mission is Gold, and he will do whatever it takes to get it.

Vincent:   Hey Ken how bout you don’t interrupt me again!

Ken:   Whatever Vincent, Now to pay some bills.
Commercial Break
Jessie Taylor vs. Phoenix
Winner: Pheonix

After the match MR. E comes out and announces that Phoenix is now the new XWF Vice President.

Commercial Break

Main Event:  John “St. Louis Machine” Adel Berger & Christian James vs. Yukie & Xue Fang.
Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions: ……

Ken:  Thanks everyone for watching this exciting show.
Vincent:  Be sure to watch next weeks show.
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