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Christian Speaks Out About Tommy Oliver

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Author Topic: Christian Speaks Out About Tommy Oliver  (Read 64 times)
Christian James
The Canadian Classic
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The Canadian Classic

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« on: October 23, 2008, 11:38:59 am »

As we come on the air, the ring girl is in the ring.

Ring Girl: Please welcome, The "Canadian Classic" Christian James!!!

As the lights go dim, a new theme song, "The Final Countdown" by Mike Ward blasts over the PA.

The lights dim and the crowd goes nuts as CJ debuts his new entrance....

CJ then raises his arms and Kurt Angle style pyro goes off.

CJ then sprints to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans on the way.

Once he hits the ring, the lights come back, and he is in the middle of the ring, with a mic.

Crowd: We want Samantha!!! We Want Samantha!!!

CJ: Chill, everyone, chill. Samantha is backstage with Racheal and Alex. I will introduce them later.

CJ: I am out here to talk about my match with "Gunnz". See, right now, I am not even interested in Phoenix.

*Crowd gasps then is stunned silent*

CJ: I'll tell you why in a minute. But right now, Tommy, I jumped you because I'm tired of trash like you trying to suck up to our GM. She is an awesome person, whim without, none of us would have jobs. But enough about that.

CJ: Now, please let me bring out a girl I have had my eyes on since she first new girlfriend, and manager, "Miss Perfect" Samantha Steele!!!

The lights go dark, and instead of "Perfection" hitting, "The Final Countdown by Mike Ward blasts the PA again.

Samantha hits the ring to CHEERS from the capacity crowd.

Crowd: Samantha rocks!! Samantha rocks!!!!

Crowd: What a couple! *clap clap clap clap clap*  What a couple! *clap clap clap clap clap*

Samantha: Thank you so much for the welcome.

Samantha: That's right. Christian and I are dating now. I would like to talk about someone else.

Samantha: Angelina. This girl is nothing but a ****.

Crowd :****! ****! ****!!

Samantha: She had the nerve to call my friend, Racheal, a powerpuff girl, and call me ugly.

Samantha: Just because she's a bit a on the skinny side, it doesn't mean she sucks!!

Crowd: Angelina Sucks!! Angelina Sucks!!!

Samantha: And just because I wear glasses, it doesn't mean I am ugly. Rach and I both wear glasses, and in her case, she just got braces, but we are both still the two most beautiful divas in this company today.

Samantha: Angelina, when I get my hands on you, I'm gonna snap you like a twig and end your sorry excuse for a carreer!!

CJ: And Gunnz, I put you in the hospital, and I am not gonna hesitat to do it again. In fact, I challenge YOU to a Last Man Standing match at Apocolypse. I guarantee that I WILL be the last man standing because I am simply...the best there is.

Samantha: And now, back to Angelina. I heard she was sleeping her way around the city last night. She tried to hit on CJ here, but I speared her half way to Hong Kong.

CJ: I may not have finished you off at the bar, but this week, and if you make it to Apocolypse, I am gonna end your sorry ass carreer.

Samantha: Then, Angelina, your carreer will end. At the hands of the Steele Slam and the only Perfect woman in this buisness.

They await a response.
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The Worlds Most Dominant Bitch
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2008, 10:46:41 pm »

Tommy walks to the stage, laughing and shaking his head.

Tommy: Thats good that you no longer are interested 'woman'. Tell me, Chris. Was it the way she blew you off that made you stop chasing her? Was it the way she looked st me and worried about me that made you stop likin her? Or was it the simple fact that you kne your cheesy pick ups lines and stalker self couldn't compete with a body like this?

The women in the crowd screamed as Tommy laughed.

Tommy: Now, you come out here with your worthless, useless rambling as usual about nothing important at all but that simple that you're a jackass that like to cheap attack people because you dont have any real balls to fight them man to man and face to face. And as far as you finally finding a girlfriend? Congrats. Its good to see cheap prostitutes dating. Where did you find her, Moscow? Broad is as shiny as a damn penny. Tell your girlfriend to layoff the vaseline. Angelina by the way is in the back chillin. She said when someone worthy of her time an interest calls her out then she will come. Meaning, you are no threat to her, little Samantha. Racheal never was and you definitely aren't. I also have news of my own. I also have stopped chasing the good ol GM and now have a girlfriend of my own. she is!

Phoenix walks out from behind the curtain with a huge smile on her face as Tommy checks her out, grinning. Her twirls her aroundbefore diping her and kissing her passionately. He then lets her up and hands her the mic.

Phoenix: Christian, I'm so glad to hear that your little school boy crush on me is over because I was gettin sick of you stalking me. As far as your ugly, dimwit **** goes, Samantha, you better stay the hell outta my way. I own you, ****. I sign your paycheck. All that **** make up you have plastered all over your face comes from me. You better learn your place, girl and learn it fast.
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